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Golf Property Values – 2021

I seem to get about a call per week (if not more) from participants in the golf course industry seeking […]

How Many Members is the Right #?

Last year, resulting from the COVID pandemic many private clubs experienced increased play, additional pressure on tee times and most […]

Culture Wars – Are they coming to your club?

It’s old news that our society is divided. We’re divided economically, culturally, socially, racially and politically. To many, such diversity […]

Necessity – The Mother of Innovation

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. After long periods of “stay-at-home” orders and continued restrictions of all types, […]

Change – A Scary Word

“Change”. In many instances, this is a term political candidates use to motivate voters. In the world of private clubs, […]

Making The Best of Challenging Times

The past 2+ months have been an unprecedented challenge in our country.  As of today, there have been approximately 1.7 […]

Club Decision-Making – What are your options?

In the world of private clubs, especially member-owned clubs decision-making is a complicated process.  Often run by member-elected boards of […]

Modernizing Golf – Make it “Cool”

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with an old college friend and a young business development professional from […]

The Rankings Game

This weekend, I was approached by our club president asking about how we could get one of our courses to […]

How Many Members is the Right Number?

I am often intrigued by issues relating to the culture of a particular club.  Among the issues impacted by club culture […]

How HOA’s Take Control of Their Clubs

As I wrote last July, Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) have a vested interest in the financial success of clubs and golf […]

Golf – The Game for a Lifetime

It’s been said that golf is the game for a lifetime.  Renowned teacher Harvey Penick wrote a book with the […]

A Kinder, Gentler Golf?

I have often written in this space about the culture of golf.  To many, golf is perceived as a stuffy, […]

Municipal Golf – Unfair Competition?

For years, the debate has raged over whether municipal golf courses represent unfair, subsidized competition for privately owned, for-profit golf […]

HOA’s and their golf courses

Many residential communities have homeowners associations (HOA’s) or property owners associations (POA’s) which govern architectural standards, common area maintenance and […]

New England Golf – A Unique Culture

Last week, over the Independence Day Holiday, we had occasion to visit New England and spend time with our new […]

Are Country Clubs Fading Away?

A recent article by Kelsey Lawrence sent to me by a friend (Why Won’t Millennials Join Country Clubs?) raises a […]

Drones & Private Property

Shortly after publishing our piece on Drones in our June newsletter, combined with the piece on Club Mission, a reader […]