Father’s Day & The US Open – Golf’s Greatest Week

What’s your favorite time to play golf?  Some like the temperate fall days when the course isn’t crowded.  Others play only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or starting right after the conclusion of April’s Masters Tournament.  Others play sporadically, and maybe only when on vacation.

Throughout this week, we read, watch and listen about all the relevant US Open news and learn about the unique Erin Hills layout, the first time the Open has been played in Wisconsin, Phil Mickelson choosing to attend his daughter’s graduation and more.  I probably spend more time watching golf on television this week than any other and certainly all the negative news from around the world can take a break.  It’s a great week to become immersed in this great game, both watching the Open and playing in what is typically some of the best weather and best conditions in many parts of the country.

One of the great things about Open Week is that it culminates on Father’s Day.  Like most dads, Father’s Day is special to me.  Playing golf with my two sons is always near the top of my “to do” list.  Not only do we typically participate in a father-son event at our club on Father’s Day (and several more throughout the year), but when she’s home, my daughter Ali (a non-golfer) sometimes agrees to some Daddy-Daughter golf :).

Golf is quality time with your kids while they’re growing up, but also represents an activity to be shared for many years to come.  I knew one large family in my hometown that had so many golfing cousins and father/sons that they annually hold an “Open” for the entire family that draws a big (and pretty strong) field of players.  The non-golfers formed a great gallery and had a terrific time. Playing with my dad when I was a boy was always something to look forward to.  I clearly remember the first time I beat my dad (48 years ago) and the trophy I made for the ball I played.  That competitive spirit lives on and though I usually come up on the short end now, as the boys just hit it soooooo far.  My favorite competitions to watch are those between my sons for a spot in the next Father-Son event.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long until 3 generations of us can stroll the fairways together.

For golf facilities, Father’s Day can be a boon to business, and an opportunity to create new golfers.  I’d venture to guess that many a young person’s introduction to golf occurred on Father’s Day when Dad usually gets to plan the day’s family activities.  Father’s Day events, clinics and competitions can help increase participation, not to mention promote enhanced long term relationships.  The game clearly needs to embrace the younger generation and Father’s Day is a great way to attract the “3 M’s”.  Why not do it when there’s a captive audience?

What could be better than a round of golf in a father-son/daughter competition in the morning and a relaxing afternoon watching the US Open with your family?  The cookout that follows is optional – but recommended.  Happy Father’s Day!