22 Things I’m Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2022

2022 has been an interesting and challenging year. Though challenged by a volatile situation in Ukraine, resulting inflation and a lingering COVID pandemic, unemployment is low with more people working than ever and a seemingly stabilizing economic outlook.

Our golf industry is still experiencing increased activity (compared to pre-COVID) and we’re all waiting to see how much of the COVID surge is sustainable. Specifically, I’m thankful for the following 22 things (among others) that may be familiar from past years but that I never take for granted:

  1. As always, I’m thankful for my wonderful wife Judy & family and their love.  If I had nothing else they alone would make me a most fortunate man – 35 years and I’ve still got her fooled;
  2. I’m thankful that our son Jack is back in Philly (with us) and I get to play golf with him more now;
  3. I’m thankful that my grandson Orsen, who turned 2 just the other day is still healthy, happy and growing strong – and is now talking, walking and becoming a really cool little guy;
  4. I’m thankful that Max and Deborah are thriving both as parents and professionally and will soon be moving into their little slice of suburbia;
  5. I’m thankful that our daughter Ali has now graduated law school, passed the bar exam and is working in international human rights, chasing her dreams;
  6. I’m thankful that Jack has now entered the golf industry as a journalist with Golf Magazine/Golf.com;
  7. I’m especially thankful to have watched our kids grow into mensches who have developed the skills to adapt in an ever-changing world and who are each chasing their dreams;
  8. I’m thankful for our continued good health and safety, recovery from COVID and looking forward to my recovery from a hip/back injury;
  9. I’m thankful that Judy and I have been able to “be there” for friends and family confronting various health challenges;
  10. I’m thankful that we’ve been able to help others not as fortunate as we are in our own small way;
  11. I’m thankful for the COVID vaccines which have provided protection for those of us who’ve taken advantage;
  12. I’m thankful for the great variety of interesting clients and assignments we’ve been entrusted with this year, including some very prominent clubs and unique tasks;
  13. I’m thankful that we’ve been able to gather more with friends and family this year and share life’s experiences;
  14. I’m thankful for the continued ability to be active, play golf, exercise and for the great golf trip we took to Scotland this past summer. Hoping to go again in 2023;
  15. I’m thankful that our country has recently supported democracy;
  16. I’m thankful that we live in a country that encourages civil discourse and expression though I wish it were more civil;
  17. I’m thankful that after 40+ years I still love my job and clients continue to have confidence in us;
  18. I’m thankful that I finally finished my book The Culture of Golf – Isn’t it Just a Game” and am about to complete another book, the 2nd edition of my book for the Appraisal Institute;
  19. I’m thankful that this Thanksgiving, the weather forecast calls for mild temperatures which might allow some golf;
  20. I’m thankful for our 3 awesome dogs, Camryn, Arnie and Millie who are always excited to see me come home;
  21. I’m thankful for the food on my table and my wife’s AWESOME cooking;
  22. I’m thankful for the opportunity work with great people, have great friends and to learn something new every day.