Author: Larry Hirsh

Ethics in the Game of Golf

Ethics, as defined by, means: “a system of moral principles; or the rules of conduct recognized in respect to […]

Will Golf Ever be Outlawed?

Sounds like a crazy question, no? Just last month I wrote that even in these good times for the golf […]

More Demand than Supply – A Good Problem?

Just this week, my friend, longtime club attorney Dennis Hiller of Greenberg Traurig raised the issue of compaction and I’ve […]

“ICONIC” CLUBS – More Valuable?

Recently, the following question was raised:  “Does the iconic status of a club increase the market value of the club […]

Private Clubs, Transparency & Corruption

Private clubs are to a great degree a microcosm of the broader society. Like our regions and communities, each has […]

Is Now the Time to Sell?

Over my many years as a consultant, appraiser and broker in the golf course industry, we’ve been privileged to assist […]

Why it Pays to use a Specialist

Some may say this is a self-serving post. So be it. Last week, while traveling I received a call from […]

Golf Course Trees – They Need a Pro too

Steve Shreiner, former Eagle Scout, high school wrestler and son of a college professor, decided as a teenager that he […]

The Politics of Municipal Golf

Municipal golf has many images. To some, the “muni” is a low cost, high value golf solution. To non-golfers the […]

Club Food & Beverage w/ Tim Brown

The marriage of golf courses & clubs and their food and beverage (F & B) operations is often anything but […]

What Does Golf Cost to Provide?

For several years we’ve been tracking the cost of golf course maintenance on a per round and per member basis. […]