Author: Larry Hirsh

Staying Ahead of the Airplane

Most among us would probably look at 2020 as a challenging year.  I agree.  My Thanksgiving post documented the things […]

Is Golf Still King of the Club?

I read with great interest this morning the “Point/CounterPoint” article in “Club Director” Magazine by Dan Denehy and Bob James […]


To be adaptable is defined by as: able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. If we’ve learned nothing […]

Necessity – The Mother of Innovation

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. After long periods of “stay-at-home” orders and continued restrictions of all types, […]

“Everything’s Great!” – Really?

Did you ever notice that politicians always want to tell us how great things are? We’re all way too familiar […]

Selling a Golf Course – Options

Over my many years as a consultant, appraiser and broker in the golf course industry, I’ve been privileged to assist […]

Golf’s Social Conscience & Economics

During the past 6 months our world has changed. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, the resulting […]

Common Sense

One thing I’ve observed over the years at private clubs is that there are as many opinions as members. No […]

Golf is Not Exempt

My regular readers know that I am fascinated by the culture of golf. I’m working on a book on that […]

Change – A Scary Word

“Change”. In many instances, this is a term political candidates use to motivate voters. In the world of private clubs, […]

Cost Segregation for Golf and Club Properties

An underutilized financial tool for golf properties is the cost segregation study. A professionally done cost segregation study can help […]

Is Coronavirus Golf’s next Tiger Woods?

In the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, most golf courses and clubs around the country were closed by executive orders […]

Making The Best of Challenging Times

The past 2+ months have been an unprecedented challenge in our country.  As of today, there have been approximately 1.7 […]

Golf & Clubs in the Time of Coronavirus

Last evening, my son Jack and I attended the NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Philadelphia 76ers.  Walking to […]